Asian Male Underwear Model: Man in Tight Briefs

You've seen male underwear models from Greece, Italy, Germany, and Latinos. Now its time to bring you this Asian man in really tight briefs. He's into some kind of body painting too.

More photos of this Asian hunk in his tight briefs below.

UPDATE: We bring you more Asian male underwear models because we love you. Haha. We begin this update with this gorgeous Asian dude in his 4Skins boxer briefs. He's a beautiful model, isn't he? Unfortunately, we do not know his name. If you do, please ID him in the comments because we are interested in knowing more about his handsomeness.

Actually, we are debating whether the guy above is the same as this hunky Thai male model named Chaiwat Thongsaeng. We go back and forth whether its the same man. What do you think? Anyway, here are some photos of Chaiwat modeling an underwear brand called MIG or M-I-G. We don't know if this is a Thai brand or an international one.

Chaiwat as a runway underwear model.

Chaiwat as a Cover Boy for Stage Magazine.

And here's Chaiwat looking very sexy and very delectable in his wet body-hugging white shirt.

Apart from modeling, Chaiwat is also an actor. In fact, he starred in the 2007 award-winning Bangkok Love Story, a movie about two men in love with each other. The film won awards in Thailand and bagged the Grand Prize at the Brussels Film Festival. Chaiwat was also nominated for best supporting actor.

From Thailand, let's move on to India with these photos of Farhan Khan modeling a sexy Dixcy Scott briefs underwear which, we think is an Indian underwear brand.

The Indian hunk in his Dixcy Scott tank top shirt and underwear.

Farhan wearing nothing but his sexy underwear. Wowza.

Okay, so we covered Thailand and India. We now move on to check the hot underwear male models from China. Here's Jeffrey Zheng rocking his Aussiebum briefs underwear.

Jeffrey Zheng is also the winner of the Manhunt International 2007 contest succeeding Jaime Augusto Mayol of the United States. Manhunt International is a male beauty pageant which pits different guys from around the world. Here's Jeffrey in his Manhunt skimpy Speedo. Wowza!

We have more Asian male underwear models and we will be publishing them in the coming days. Hope you enjoyed this post.


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